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Lenovo laptop, tablet, desktop or server
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#No Add ? Product Description List Price (USD) Our Price
1 00MT280 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC wIMM MgdSrv 5Y $810.00 Get Discount
2 00MT286 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr wIMM MgdSrv 5Y $810.00 Get Discount
3 00MT200 Lenovo XClarity Pro Chassis 5Y $6300.00 Get Discount
4 00MT203 Lenovo XClarity Pro Server 5Y $630.00 Get Discount
5 00MT279 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC wIMM MgdSrv 3Y $630.00 Get Discount
6 00MT285 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr wIMM MgdSrv 3Y $630.00 Get Discount
7 00MT277 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC MgdSrv 5Y $610.00 Get Discount
8 00MT283 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr MgdSrv 5Y $522.00 Get Discount
9 01DA225 Lenovo XClarity Energy Mgr 1Nd 1Yr S&S $50.00 Get Discount
10 00MT199 Lenovo XClarity Pro Chassis 3Y $4900.00 Get Discount
11 00MT276 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC MgdSrv 3Y $475.00 Get Discount
12 00MT278 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC wIMM MgdSrv 1Y $450.00 Get Discount
13 00MT284 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr wIMM MgdSrv 1Y $450.00 Get Discount
14 00MT282 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr MgdSrv 3Y $406.00 Get Discount
15 00JY339 LenovoXClarityAdmin Chassis 5Y $3600.00 Get Discount
16 00JY342 LenovoXClarityAdmin Server 5Y $360.00 Get Discount
17 00MT198 Lenovo XClarity Pro Chassis 1Y $3500.00 Get Discount
18 00MT201 Lenovo XClarity Pro Server 1Y $350.00 Get Discount
19 00MT275 LnvoXClarityIntMSSC MgdSrv 1Y $339.00 Get Discount
20 00MT281 LnvoXClarityIntvCtr MgdSrv 1Y $290.00 Get Discount
21 00JY338 LenovoXClarityAdmin Chassis 3Y $2800.00 Get Discount
22 00JY341 LenovoXClarityAdmin Server 3Y $280.00 Get Discount
23 01DA227 Lenovo XClarity Energy Mgr 50Nd 1Yr S&S $2500.00 Get Discount
24 01DA226 Lenovo XClarity Energy Mgr 5Nd 1Yr S&S $250.00 Get Discount
25 00JY337 LenovoXClarityAdmin Chassis 1Y $2000.00 Get Discount
26 00KE784 Lenovo XClarity Int for Zenoss MgdSrv 1Y $100.00 Get Discount

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