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ICT–Router, Switch, Optical Transmission & Access Network
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1 02352AHX D18V3-4C-4T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,AC240HVDC,4*1TB Cache,SPE73C0600) $490,200.00  Get Discount
2 02352KRF D18V3N-4C4T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,NCMe,AC240HVDC,4*1TB Cache,SPE73C0600) $472,327.00  Get Discount
3 02351WXJ D18V3-4C2T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,AC240HVDC,4*512GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $306,380.00  Get Discount
4 02352KRD D18V3N-4C2T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,NVMe,AC240HVDC,4*512GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $306,380.00  Get Discount
5 02352AHY D18V3-2C-2T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,AC240HVDC,2TGB Cache,SPE73C0600) $274,125.00  Get Discount
6 02352KRE D18V3N-2C2T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,NVMe,AC240HVDC,2TGB Cache,SPE73C0600) $246,600.00  Get Discount
7 02351WXC D18V3-4C1T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,AC240HVDC,4*256GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $229,480.00  Get Discount
8 02352KRB D18V3N-4C1T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Four Controller,NVMe,AC240HVDC,4*256GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $229,480.00  Get Discount
9 02351XQC D6V3-2T-ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,2TB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $166,549.00  Get Discount
10 02352KRW D6V3N-2T-ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,2TB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $166,535.00  Get Discount
11 02351WXN D18V3-2C1T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,AC240HVDC,1024GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $161,250.00  Get Discount
12 02352KRC D18V3N-2C1T-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,NVMe,AC240HVDC,1024GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $161,250.00  Get Discount
13 02351WXL D18V3-2C512G-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $124,040.00  Get Discount
14 02352KRA D18V3N-2C512G-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Engine(6U,Dual Controller,NVMe,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SPE73C0600) $124,040.00  Get Discount
15 02351LWG D6V3-1T-ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,1TB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $107,500.00  Get Discount
16 02352KRP D6V3N-1T-ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,1TB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $107,500.00  Get Discount
17 02351CMA D5V3-512G-NAC-16 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $78,810.00  Get Discount
18 02351CXM D5V3-512G-NDC-16 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $78,810.00  Get Discount
19 02351PDX D5V3-512G-SDC-16E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $78,810.00  Get Discount
20 02351PLS D5V3-512G-SAC-16E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $78,810.00  Get Discount
21 02351LVD D6V3-512G- ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $77,000.00  Get Discount
22 02351NBD D6V3-512G- AC Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SPE62C0300) $77,000.00  Get Discount
23 02352KRR D6V3N-512G-ACE Dorado6000 V3(3U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SPE63C0300),Enhanced Version $77,000.00  Get Discount
24 02351GSB D5V3-512G-NAC-10 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $71,650.00  Get Discount
25 02351GSE D5V3-512G-NDC-10 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $71,650.00  Get Discount
26 02351PDW D5V3-512G-SAC-10E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $71,650.00  Get Discount
27 02351PLX D5V3-512G-SDC-10E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $71,650.00  Get Discount
28 02351GSA D5V3-512G-NAC-8 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $65,140.00  Get Discount
29 02351GSD D5V3-512G-NDC-8 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,NVMe,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE61C0225) $65,140.00  Get Discount
30 02351PLR D5V3-512G-SAC-8E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $65,140.00  Get Discount
31 02351PLW D5V3-512G-SDC-8E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,512GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $65,140.00  Get Discount
32 0235G752 STTZ14SPES OceanStor Dorado5100 High Performance Solid State Storage System Controller Enclosure(AC.1000K IOPS.8GBps Bandwidth.8*8G FC Front-End Port.4*24G SAS Back-End Port.SPE61C0200) $44,074.38 $14,358.00 (67% OFF)       Buy Now
33 02350RSL D5V3-256G-SAC-16 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $43,800.00  Get Discount
34 02351JLP D5V3-256G-SDC-16 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $43,800.00  Get Discount
35 02351PLQ D5V3-256G-SAC-16E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $43,800.00  Get Discount
36 02351PLV D5V3-256G-SDC-16E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $43,800.00  Get Discount
37 02350RSM D5V3-256G-SAC-10 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $39,800.00  Get Discount
38 02351JLQ D5V3-256G-SDC-10 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $39,800.00  Get Discount
39 02351PLP D5V3-256G-SAC-10E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $39,800.00  Get Discount
40 02351PLU D5V3-256G-SDC-10E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $39,800.00  Get Discount
41 02358716 STTZ16STTS OceanStor Dorado2100 G2 High Performance Solid State Storage System-AC Controller Enclosure(AC.600K IOPS.48Gbps Bandwidth.8*8G FC Port.SPE51C0225) $36,252.00 $11,810.00 (67% OFF)       Buy Now
42 02350RMF D5V3-256G-SAC-8 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $36,200.00  Get Discount
43 02351JLN D5V3-256G-SDC-8 Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE33C0225) $36,200.00  Get Discount
44 02351NYH D5V3-256G-SAC-8E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,AC240HVDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $36,200.00  Get Discount
45 02351NYK D5V3-256G-SDC-8E Dorado5000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,SAS,48VDC,256GB Cache,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225),Enhanced Version $36,200.00  Get Discount
46 02352LJL DV3NAS-128G-AC OceanStor Dorado NAS with Software Funtions(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC240V HVDC,128GB,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",4*600GB,SPE34C0225) $28,085.00  Get Discount
47 02352QBP D3V3-192G-SAC-10 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
48 02352QCH D3V3-192G-SAC-8 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
49 02352QCJ D3V3-192G-SDC-8 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,48VDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*8Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
50 02352QCK D3V3-192G-SDC-10 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,48VDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*10Gb ETH,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
51 02352QCL D3V3-192G-SAC-16 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC240HVDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
52 02352QCM D3V3-192G-SDC-16 Dorado3000 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,48VDC,192GB,SmartIO,8*16Gb FC,25*2.5",SPE34C0225) $27,150.00  Get Discount
53 3107G04D LIC-Dorado-ISM02 HW Integrated Storage Manager-Device Management License for Dorado $11,685.00 $4,914.00 (58% OFF)  Get Discount
54 3107G04E LIC-Dorado-UP02 OceanStor HW UltraPath Software License $11,685.00 $4,914.00 (58% OFF)  Get Discount
55 02115574 D18V3-RACK-SYS-AC OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 Series AC System Cabinet $10,530.00  Get Discount
56 02351JML DV3-SDAE25U2-DC Dorado V3 SSD SAS Disk Enclosure(2U,48VDC,2.5",Expansion Module,25 Disk Slots,without Disk Unit,DAE52525U2) $3,860.00  Get Discount
57 02352EHB DV3-NDAE25U2-DC Dorado V3 SSD NVMe Disk Enclosure(2U,48VDC,2.5",Expanding Module,25 Disk Slots,without Disk Unit,DAE52525U2-10) $3,860.00  Get Discount
58 02352EHY D18V3-NDAE25U2-AC Dorado V3 SSD NVMe Disk Enclosure(2U,AC240HVDC,2.5",Expanding Module,25 Disk Slots,without Disk Unit,DAE52525U2-10) $3,860.00  Get Discount
59 02350RMH DV3-SDAE25U2-AC Dorado V3 SSD SAS Disk Enclosure(2U,AC240HVDC,2.5",Expansion Module,25 Disk Slots,without Disk Unit,DAE52525U2) $3,800.00  Get Discount
60 02352EHD DV3-NDAE25U2-AC Dorado V3 SSD NVMe Disk Enclosure(2U,AC240HVDC,2.5",Expanding Module,25 Disk Slots,without Disk Unit,DAE52525U2-10) $3,800.00  Get Discount
61 31070643 LIC-Dorado-UP03 OceanStor HW UltraPath Software License $0.02  Get Discount
62 31070642 LIC-Dorado-ISM03 HW Integrated Storage Manager-Device Management License for Dorado $0.01  Get Discount
63 88990BPE 88990BPE Dorado2100 G2/5100 SSD Storage System Deployment and Management Training $0.00  Get Discount
64 88990PKD 88990PKD Huawei Storage System (T Series/Dorado V1/18000 V1) Troubleshooting Training $0.00  Get Discount

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