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#No Add ? Product Description List Price (USD) Our Price
1 DD2200-24TB SYSTEM DD2200-12X2HDD SAS 24TB NFS CIFS $16300.00 Get Discount
2 L-DDOE-DD2200-24 LICENSE BASE DD OE DD2200-24=IA $12200.00 Get Discount
3 DD2200-14TB SYSTEM DD2200-7X2TB SAS 14TB NFS CIFS $9050.00 Get Discount
4 L-XCAP2200 LICENSE EXPSTOR DD2200=IA $8500.00 Get Discount
5 X-2200SPMOD SPARE STOR PROCESSOR W/O DIMMS PS DD2200 $7500.00 Get Discount
6 L-DDOE-DD2200-14 LICENSE BASE DD OE DD2200-14=IA $6700.00 Get Discount
7 DD2200-4TB SYSTEM.DD2200-7X2.4TB.NFS.CIFS $5250.00 Get Discount
8 U-2200-AX ADD 5X2TB SAS HDD 10TB DD2200 UPGRADE $4400.00 Get Discount
9 L-DDOE-DD2200-4 LICENSE BASE DD OE DD2200-4=IA $3600.00 Get Discount
10 L-REP-2200 LICENSE REPLICATOR DD2200=IA $2540.00 Get Discount
11 XC-2200SPKT SPARE 1XFAN PWRSUP 2TB SAS HDD DD2200 $2325.00 Get Discount
12 L-VTL-2200F LICENSE VTL IBM IOS DD2200=IA $2250.00 Get Discount
13 U-VTL-2200F LIC VTL IBM IOS DD2200 UPGRADE=IA $2250.00 Get Discount
14 X-MEM1X4G-2 SPARE DD DIMM 4GB 1XDIMM DD2200 $1750.00 Get Discount
15 C-2200XMEM OPTION CAP EXP KIT MORETHAN 14TB DD2200 $1500.00 Get Discount
16 L-BST-2200 LICENSE BOOST DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
17 L-ENC-2200 LICENSE ENCRYPTION DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
18 L-RLC-2200 LICENSE RETENTION LOCK COMPL DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
19 L-RLG-2200 LICENSE RETENTION LOCK GOVERN DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
20 L-VTL-2200 LICENSE VTL OPEN SYSTEMS DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
21 L-VTL-2200E LICENSE VTL NDMP TAPE SVR ETH DD2200=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
22 U-2200XMEM MEM KIT CAP EXP MORETHAN 14TB DD2200 UPG $1500.00 Get Discount
23 U-RLC-2200 LIC RTN LOCK COMPL EDTN DD2200 UPG=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
24 U-RLG-2200 LIC RTN LOCK GOV EDTN DD2200 UPG=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
25 U-VTL-2200 LIC VTL OPEN SYSTEMS DD2200 UPGRADE=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
26 U-VTL-2200E LIC VTL NDMP TAPE SRVR ETH DD2200 UPG=IA $1500.00 Get Discount
27 X-2UC-VLTBB SPARE DD BBU VAULT DD2200 $1100.00 Get Discount
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