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Product LIC-200-VWAAS
Product Description License for 200 optimized connections
Service Category C
Global Price in USD $5700.00
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Duration N/A
Orderability BOTH
Item Identifier Product
Service Program N/A
Category Base Discount Name CORE
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SMARTnet Service Finder Tool
Product title Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services - License - 200 connections (LIC-200-VWAAS)
Identification serial LIC-200-VWAAS
Unspsc None
Image filename No Picture
Product overview Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) is the first cloud-ready WAN optimization solution that accelerates applications delivered from private and virtual private cloud infrastructure, using policy-based on-demand orchestration. It is designed for both enterprises and service providers to offer private and virtual private cloud-based application delivery service over the WAN. Cisco vWAAS is a WAN optimization service that gets deployed in an application-specific, virtualization-aware, and on-demand manner.
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New Products & Prices Alert
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