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CON-NCD2 for XAIR Series Products
NO. Model Description Price
1 CON-NCD2-LMC5500MI CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee LMC5500MIP-K9 $33510.13
2 CON-NCD2-MIG2450 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Mobile IP Gateway 5 MCU platform model 2 $4981.63
3 CON-NCD2-MIGICGSP CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Precision GPS interface card $1014.75
4 CON-NCD2-MIGICLTE CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 4G LTE cellular interface card $1199.00
5 CON-NCD2-MIGSMG6M CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 6 port GE switch module with M12 connect $2593.25
6 CON-NCD2-MIGSMIJK CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 6 inch to 3 inch jacket module for two L $679.25
7 CON-NCD2-PTC3001T1 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee PTC-3001-T1MPW $11093.50
8 CON-NCD2-PTC304T2 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee PTC-3004-T2MPWF-A-K9 Mobile Unit 4 $6381.38
9 CON-NCD2-PTC306T2 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee PTC-3006-T2MPWF-A-K9 Mobile Unit 6 $6938.25
10 CON-NCD2-PTC3T01T3 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee PTC-3001-3MPWF $3305.50
11 CON-NCD2-WMS2000S2 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee WMS-2000-S2000 $2585.00
12 CON-NCD2-WMS20AS4 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee WMS-2000-S4MPWF-A-K9 Wayside Msg S $3533.75
13 CON-NCD2-WMS20S2A CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 Lilee WMS-2000-S200W0-A-K9 Wayside Msg S $2847.63
14 CON-NCD2P-LMC5500M CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee LMC5500MIP-K9 $43008.00
15 CON-NCD2P-PTC3001T CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee PTC-3001-T1MPW $14238.00
16 CON-NCD2P-PTC304T2 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee PTC-3004-T2MPWF-A-K9 Mobile Unit $8190.00
17 CON-NCD2P-PTC306T2 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee PTC-3006-T2MPWF-A-K9 Mobile Unit $8904.00
18 CON-NCD2P-PTC3T01T CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee PTC-3001-3MPWF $4242.00
19 CON-NCD2P-WMS2000S CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee WMS-2000-S2000 $3318.00
20 CON-NCD2P-WMS20AS4 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee WMS-2000-S4MPWF-A-K9 Wayside Msg $4536.00
21 CON-NCD2P-WMS20S2A CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P Lilee WMS-2000-S200W0-A-K9 Wayside Msg $3654.00
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