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Product 2R-FIN-ENH-LIC
Product Description 2Ring GADGETS for Finesse per concurrent ENHANCED agent
Service Category N/A
Global Price in USD $319.93
Quantity Min N/A
Quantity Max N/A
Duration N/A
Orderability BOTH
Item Identifier Product
Service Program N/A
Category Base Discount Name CORE
End Of Sale Date N/A
Product title Cisco 2Ring GADGETS for Finesse Enhanced Bundle - License (2R-FIN-ENH-LIC)
Identification serial 2R-FIN-ENH-LIC
Unspsc None
Image filename No Picture
Product overview 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse is a vital extension for all Cisco Finesse deployments. The gadgets are a solution of great value especially if you are looking to integrate Cisco contact center with multiple information systems, improve collaboration among agents, and connect remote experts and back office workers to agents and thus to customers with the goal of improving customer satisfaction, comfort and first call resolution.
Tech params None
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