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Product 15454-M-TSCE-K9
Product Description MSTP / NCS 2K Transport Shelf Controller with Ethernet PTP
Service Category N/A
Global Price in USD $4008.73
Quantity Min N/A
Quantity Max N/A
Duration N/A
Orderability BOTH
Item Identifier Product
Service Program N/A
Category Base Discount Name CORE
End Of Sale Date
Hotsale Smartnet
SMARTnet Service Finder Tool
Product title Cisco Transport Shelf Controller Enhanced - Network monitoring device - PTP - plug-in module (15454-M-TSCE-K9)
Identification serial 15454-M-TSCE-K9
Unspsc None
Image filename No Picture
Product overview The controller cards incorporate a highly stable internal timing reference to provide system timing based on input received from an external BITS source. Synchronous status messaging helps the system select the optimal timing sources, and a holdover mode maintains timing accuracy, when pre-provisioned synchronization references are not available. The cards have two built-in interface ports for accessing the system: an RJ-45 connector and an RS-232. The RJ-45 port provides 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity to the system, providing local and remote access to the craft-management system, Cisco Transport Controller, through a common web interface. You can also use this port for interconnection to customer operations support systems (OSSs) and network management systems (NMSs), providing integration to external element management systems (EMSs), NMSs, and OSSs.
Tech params None
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