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1 SVC-COR-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-72Q $9600 Get Discount
2 SVC-COR-QFX02-36QA JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-AFL $900 Get Discount
3 SVC-COR-QFX02-72QP JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-PFL $900 Get Discount
4 SVC-NDCE-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $8900 Get Discount
5 SVC-NDCE-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT QFX10002-36Q $8000 Get Discount
6 SVC-ND-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE ND SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $7120 Get Discount
7 SVC-CP-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE CP SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $6408 Get Discount
8 SVC-ND-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE ND SUPT QFX10002-36Q $6400 Get Discount
9 SVC-CP-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE CP SUPT QFX10002-36Q $5760 Get Discount
10 SVC-COR-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $5696 Get Discount
11 SVC-COR-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-36Q $5120 Get Discount
12 SVC-COR-QFX02-36QL JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-LFIB $510 Get Discount
13 SVC-COR-QFX02-36QP JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-PFL $450 Get Discount
14 SVC-SDCE-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $25760 Get Discount
15 SVC-SDCE-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT QFX10002-72Q $24000 Get Discount
16 SVC-SD-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE SD SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $20608 Get Discount
17 SVC-SD-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE SD SUPT QFX10002-72Q $19200 Get Discount
18 SVC-COR-QFX02-72QA JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-AFL $1800 Get Discount
19 SVC-NDCE-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $16100 Get Discount
20 SVC-NDCE-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT QFX10002-72Q $15000 Get Discount
21 SVC-SDCE-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $14240 Get Discount
22 SVC-ND-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE ND SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $12880 Get Discount
23 SVC-SDCE-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT QFX10002-36Q $12800 Get Discount
24 SVC-ND-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE ND SUPT QFX10002-72Q $12000 Get Discount
25 SVC-CP-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE CP SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $11592 Get Discount
26 SVC-SD-QFX0236QT JNPR CARE SD SUPT QFX10002-36Q-T $11392 Get Discount
27 SVC-CP-QFX02-72Q JNPR CARE CP SUPT QFX10002-72Q $10800 Get Discount
28 SVC-COR-QFX0272QT JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-T $10304 Get Discount
29 SVC-SD-QFX02-36Q JNPR CARE SD SUPT QFX10002-36Q $10240 Get Discount
30 SVC-COR-QFX02-72QL JNPR CARE CORE SUPT QFX10002-72Q-LFIB $1020 Get Discount
31 QFX10002-72Q-T QFX10002 TAA-COMPLIANT 72-PORT 40G QSFP+ $99000 Get Discount
32 QFX10002-72Q-DC QFX10002 SWITCH 72 QSFP 40GE PORTS DC PS $92000 Get Discount
33 QFX10002-72Q QFX10002 SWITCH 72 QSFP 40GE PORTS AC PS $90000 Get Discount
34 QFX10002-36Q-AFL QFX10002-36Q AFL $75000 Get Discount
35 QFX10002-36Q-T QFX10002 TAA-COMPLIANT 36-PORT 40G QSFP+ $50000 Get Discount
36 QFX10002-36Q-DC QFX10002 SWITCH 36 QSFP 40GE PORTS DC PS $46000 Get Discount
37 QFX10002-36Q QFX10002 SWITCH 36 QSFP 40GE PORTS AC PS $45000 Get Discount
38 QFX10002-72Q-LFIB 1 MILLION FIB LICENSE FOR QFX10002-72Q $34000 Get Discount
39 QFX10002-72Q-PFL QFX10002-72Q PFL $20000 Get Discount
40 QFX10002-36Q-LFIB 1 MILLION FIB LICENSE FOR QFX10002-36Q $17000 Get Discount
41 QFX10002-72Q-AFL QFX10002-72Q AFL $150000 Get Discount
42 QFX10002-36Q-PFL QFX10002-36Q PFL $10000 Get Discount
43 QFX10002-FAN QFX10002 FAN TRAY $1000 Get Discount
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