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#No Product Description List Price (USD) Our Price
1 S-MX204-IR MX204 IR MODE LICENSE $8000 Get Discount
2 SVC-COR-S-MX204-R JNPR CARE CORE SUPT S-MX204-R $736 Get Discount
3 MX204-R JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM -R MODE $64350 Get Discount
4 SVC-SDCE-MX204-R JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT MX204-R $5820 Get Discount
5 SVC-SDCE-MX204-IR JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT MX204-IR $5452 Get Discount
6 SVC-SDCE-MX204 JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT MX204 $5084 Get Discount
7 MX204-IR JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM -IR MODE $48350 Get Discount
8 SVC-SD-MX204-R JNPR CARE SD SUPT MX204-R $4803 Get Discount
9 SVC-SD-MX204-IR JNPR CARE SD SUPT MX204-IR $4435 Get Discount
10 SVC-SD-MX204 JNPR CARE SD SUPT MX204 $4067 Get Discount
11 MX204 JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM $40350 Get Discount
12 SVC-NDCE-MX204-R JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT MX204-R $3914 Get Discount
13 SVC-COR-S-MX204-IR JNPR CARE CORE SUPT S-MX204-IR $368 Get Discount
14 SVC-NDCE-MX204-IR JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT MX204-IR $3546 Get Discount
15 SVC-ND-MX204-R JNPR CARE ND SUPT MX204-R $3278 Get Discount
16 SVC-NDCE-MX204 JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT MX204 $3178 Get Discount
17 SVC-CP-MX204-R JNPR CARE CP SUPT MX204-R $3024 Get Discount
18 SVC-ND-MX204-IR JNPR CARE ND SUPT MX204-IR $2910 Get Discount
19 SVC-COR-MX204-R JNPR CARE CORE SUPT MX204-R $2770 Get Discount
20 SVC-CP-MX204-IR JNPR CARE CP SUPT MX204-IR $2656 Get Discount
21 SVC-ND-MX204 JNPR CARE ND SUPT MX204 $2542 Get Discount
22 SVC-COR-MX204-IR JNPR CARE CORE SUPT MX204-IR $2402 Get Discount
23 SVC-CP-MX204 JNPR CARE CP SUPT MX204 $2288 Get Discount
24 SVC-COR-MX204 JNPR CARE CORE SUPT MX204 $2034 Get Discount
25 S-MX204-R MX204 R MODE LICENSE $16000 Get Discount
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