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#No Product Description List Price (USD) Our Price
1 EX9204-AC-BND1 BUNDLE OF EX9204-BASE3 AND EX9200-32XS $60000 Get Discount
2 EX9204-AC-BND2 BUNDLE: EX9204-BASE3B-AC & EX9200-32XS $60000 Get Discount
3 EX9200-6QS 6 X 40G QSFP + OR 24 X 10G SFP + CARD $70000 Get Discount
4 EX9200-12QS 12-PORT MULTIRATE LINE CARD;10G/40G/100G $49995 Get Discount
5 EX9200-40XS 40-PORT 10GBE SFP+ LINE CARD. MACSEC $43995 Get Discount
6 EX9200-40F-M 40-PORT 1G SFP CARD. MACSEC CAPABLE $25000 Get Discount
7 EX9200-2C-8XS EX9200. 2-PORT 100GBE + 8-PORT 10GBE LC $80000 Get Discount
8 EX9200-20F-MIC EX9200 MIC. 20-PORT GBASEX (HALF-SLOT) $7000 Get Discount
9 EX9200-LC-SF-BLANK EX9200. LC. SF BLANK COVER PANEL $500 Get Discount
10 EX9200-SF EX9200. SWITCH FABRIC MODULE $35000 Get Discount
11 EX9200-SF2 EX9200 SWITCH FABRIC 2 MODULE $35000 Get Discount
12 EX9200-32XS EX9200 32X10G SFP+ LINE CARD $34995 Get Discount
13 EX9200-SFL SECURITY FEATURE LICENSE FOR EX9200 $30000 Get Discount
14 EX9200-RE-BLANK EX9200. RE BLANK COVER PANEL. SPARE $300 Get Discount
15 EX9200-40F EX9200. 40-PORT 100FX/1000BASE-X SFP LC $25000 Get Discount
16 EX9200-40T EX9200.40-PRT 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 LC $25000 Get Discount
17 EX9200-RE EX9200.RE.4X1800GHZ WITH 16G MEM $25000 Get Discount
18 EX9200-RE2 EX9200 ROUTING ENGINE 2 $25000 Get Discount
19 EX9200-MPC EX9200 MODULAR PORT CARD (MPC) $20000 Get Discount
20 EX9200-10XS-MIC EX9200 MIC. 10-PORT 10GBASEX (HALF-SLOT) $14000 Get Discount
21 EX9200-40T-MIC EX9200 MIC. 40X GBASET (FULL-SLOT) $10000 Get Discount
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