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#No Product Description List Price (USD) Our Price
1 SVC-NDCE-EX43-32FS JNPR CARE NDCE SUPT EX4300-32F-S $938 Get Discount
2 SVC-NDCE-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE NDCE SUPT EX4300-32F $832 Get Discount
3 SV3-CP-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE 3YR CP SUPPORT EX4300-32F $821 Get Discount
4 SVC-ND-EX43-32FS JNPR CARE ND SUPT EX4300-32F-S $721 Get Discount
5 SVC-ND-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE NEXT DAY SUPT EX4300-32F $640 Get Discount
6 SV3-COR-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE 3YR CORE SUPPORT EX4300-32F $547 Get Discount
7 SVC-CP-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE CORE PLUS SUPT EX4300-32F $365 Get Discount
8 SVC-COR-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE CORE SUPPORT FOR EX4300-32F $243 Get Discount
9 SVC-SDCE-EX43-32FS JNPR CARE SDCE SUPT EX4300-32F-S $1897 Get Discount
10 SVC-SDCE-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE SDCE SUPPORT FOR EX4300-32F $1683 Get Discount
11 SV3-ND-EX43-32FS JNPR CARE 3YR PPD ND SUPT EX4300-32F-S $1622 Get Discount
12 SVC-SD-EX43-32FS JNPR CARE SD SUPT EX4300-32F-S $1515 Get Discount
13 SV3-ND-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE 3YR ND SUPPORT EX4300-32F $1440 Get Discount
14 SVC-SD-EX4300F32 JUNIPER CARE SAME DAY SUPPORT EX4300-32F $1344 Get Discount
15 EX4300-32F-DC-TAA EX4300 TAA. 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP. DC $12995 Get Discount
16 EX4300-32F-TAA EX4300 TAA. 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP $12495 Get Discount
17 EX4300-32F-DC EX4300. 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP. DC $11995 Get Discount
18 EX4300-32F EX4300 32-PRT GBASEX SFP $11495 Get Discount
19 EX4300-32F-S EX4300 32-PORT FIBER SPARE CHASSIS $10995 Get Discount
20 EX4300-32F-AFL EX4300.AFL FOR 32-PORT SKUS $10000 Get Discount
21 EX4300-32F-EFL EX4300.ENH FEATURE LIC FOR 32-PORT SKUS $0 Get Discount
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