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Telepresence integration solution
NO. Model Description Price
1 EBECHAI03 Telepresence Furniture and Attachment.Chair for telepresence system-with wheel-Height adjustable.Beige Color.satisfy.HUAWEItelepresence system use only $3392.00
2 EBLCHAI03 Telepresence Furniture and Attachment.Chair for telepresence system-with wheel-Height adjustable.Black.satisfy.HUAWEItelepresence system use only $3392.00
3 MAX-00 HUAWEI MAX Presence Core Package $420820.00
4 RP100-46A-00 HUAWEI RP100-46A RoomTelepresence Solution.49 inch.Single Screen.using TE50 $25334.00
5 RP100-46S-00 HUAWEI RP100-46S RoomTelepresence Solution.48 inch.Single Screen.using TE30 $15794.00
6 RP100-55A-00 HUAWEI RP100-55A RoomTelepresence Solution.55 inch.Single Screen.using TE50 $30634.00
7 RP100-55S-00 HUAWEI RP100-55S RoomTelepresence Solution.55 inch.Single Screen.using TE30 $21094.00
8 RP200-46A-00 HUAWEI RP200-46A RoomTelepresence Solution.49 inch.Dual Screen.using TE50 $31694.00
9 RP200-46S-00 HUAWEI RP200-46S RoomTelepresence Solution.48 inch.Dual Screen.using TE30 $22154.00
10 RP200-55A-00 HUAWEI RP200-55A RoomTelepresence Solution.55 inch.Dual Screen.using TE50 $42294.00
11 RP200-55S-00 HUAWEI RP200-55S RoomTelepresence Solution.55 inch.Dual Screen.using TE30 $32754.00
12 TP3106-70-00 HUAWEI TP3106-70 Telepresence Solution $313760.00
13 TP3206-55-02 HUAWEI TP3206-55 Telepresence Solution $366760.00
14 VC9M6TPMP Wireless Center Control System $2162.40
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